How to Look Slimmer, Younger and More Fit


This is a public service post for the ladies out there who want to look younger, slimmer and more fit. Now that I have your attention, can we talk bras?

Yes, bras. Those over the shoulder boulder holders have job to do, and many of you are not wearing the right ones. An unflattering bra can dramatically affect the way you look.

As Valentine’s Day looms on the horizon, many sites are talking about sexy lingerie: little wisps of silk and lace that look hot in the bedroom. That’s not what this article is about. We are here to talk about looking better with your clothes on.

Size Matters

It is amazing how many women are wearing the wrong size bra. Does everything you wore in high school still fit you to perfection? If the answer is no, chances are that your bra size has changed over the years too.

I’m With the Band

The band is linchpin of the operation. If the band fits properly, it will do the heavy lifting, so to speak. Many women assume a larger band will fit more comfortably, and not show any back fat. A too big band will cause the bra to ride in the wrong spot, highlighting imperfections and not offering the support you need. A low band causes a low riding bust line. Not pretty.

To determine your bra size, place the tape measure under your bust, and across your back comfortably. Round up to the nearest even number. The bra should fit on the loosest hook, to allow adjustment as it stretches out over time.

Don’t Let Your Cups Runneth Over

Now measure across the widest part of your chest. For every inch bigger this number is than the band, add 1”. For example, if you measure 34” across the band, and 36” across the center of your chest, you are a 34B.

If the cups dimple, you need a smaller size. If your breasts are not fully contained, or there is extreme cleavage, go up one size.

You’re Putting Me On!

Most women hook the bra around their waist, turn it around and pull it up.

The proper way to put on a bra is to place the straps over your shoulders and lean forward, allowing the breasts to naturally fall into the cups. Hook it from the back, stand up and adjust the girls if necessary.

Be Well Adjusted

Please, please take a moment to adjust your straps. Hoist them up, so they do what they are intended to do. This doesn’t mean they should cut into your shoulders. I have seen so many women wearing their boobs down around their bellies. Trust me, this isn’t flattering. You look old, you look droopy, and nobody needs all that extra stuff around the belly. “Nuf said.

Top it Off

Once you feel like you have achieved the right fit, and the right positioning, get dressed. Never leave the fitting room without seeing how the bra looks under your clothes. I made this mistake once, and will never make it again. Sometimes what looks great in the buff shows or causes an unflattering shape under a tee shirt.

The only thing worse than the “uniboob” look, is the quad look, where the cups cut you and make you look like you have bi-level boobs.

If you can, visit a shop that specializes in bra fittings, or watch for special fit events at your local department store.

The right underpinnings can make or break a look. Don’t get caught up in lace and bows that look pretty until you put clothes on.
Remember, it’s what’s inside that counts.

You’re welcome.

photo: glasshouse images

*Our friends at Wikihow have a great tutorial on how to fit a bra.

Check it our here:

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