Pie Pops

Last night we finally celebrated B’s birthday. This year, she wanted pie, clearly a trait she inherited from one of her favorite pie-lovin’ cousins.
These pie pops are a fun and festive take on the classic apple pie. Besides, doesn’t everyone need pie on a stick?


Roll the dough out, and cut into circles, about 2″ in diameter.

Create fillings that are not too wet. Pureed fruit tossed in flour or cornstarch, a little sugar and perhaps some cinnamon is perfect.



Place a dollop of filling in the center of each circle. Insert a stick and cover with another circle.

Using a small fork, crimp the edges all around. Cut a small X in the center to allow the steam to escape


Brush them with an egg wash and bake until they are golden brown.


Allow to cool and arrange them in a glass or small vase until ready to eat. Enjoy!

( Yes Will, I will make you some too!!!)

photos: Indigo Jones

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