Crazy Busy

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days. Life has been crazy busy. I have been juggling 2 full time jobs with insane hours. This week, I reached the 40 hour mark sometime Tuesday afternoon! I am not complaining, I am grateful for the opportunities. But something has to give, and it’s this blog.

We are here to bring you great stories on food, fitness, family and fashion. The fact is, I have been coming home too late to eat, and I have 2 week’s worth of CSA vegetables rotting in the refrigerator as we speak. My gym membership is frozen due to doctor’s orders, so my fitness is non-existent these days. My family has been neglected. That leaves fashion, which has sucked up all of my time lately. Everything feels like a fire drill. Deadlines moving up to unattainable places. Schedules and deliverables changing. Priorities and strategies shifting. Everything seems to be a fashion emergency.

Everything seems to be just a little out of control lately. Even my last Huffpost Live segment was affected by late breaking news stories rolling out minutes before we aired.

I promise to re-group over the weekend, and get back to regular posts. After I sleep as much as possible. 1195100241

Thanks for sticking with me. I’ll be back tomorrow!

indigo jones

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