Anatomy Lessons

Barbie takes a lot of flack for her unrealistic body proportions. In fact, we have written about the subject on this site several times.


Apparently, her extreme body shape has caught the eye of New York based artist and former toy designer Jason Freeny, who creates anatomical illustrations and sculptures of iconic characters. He recently turned his attention to Barbie, and the results were startling.

Real-life Barbie would be close to 6 feet tall and weigh about 110 pounds. She would have a 39” bust, 18” waist and 33” hips.

To put that into perspective, the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the smallest waist measures just 15” when wearing a corset. Without the aid of underpinnings, her natural waist is a more reasonable 24”.

Freeny’s interpretation of Barbie shows her vital organs are barely able to fit into her body.

Check out the photos of anatomically correct Barbie and see for yourself how unhealthy Barbie’s body really is.

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