Election Day

Sandy has come and gone, and for most, the worst is behind us. Our hearts go out to those who have experienced extreme damage to their property, or even death of a loved one. We were lucky. Loss of power for a few days is nothing, compared to what it could have been.

Tuesday represents another big challenge for all of us: it’s Election Day.

This election season has been more grueling than most. People have a lot of passion around their choice of candidates, and most are very vocal in expressing it.  It is hard to embrace the views of those who support the candidate we don’t, and in some cases there is a lot of animosity surrounding the issues. The candidates themselves have been embroiled in a fairly nasty campaign, with spending on negative advertising being more in the forefront than either one of them telling us what they can do to effectively, and positively change the lives of the American people for the better.

I for one will be happy to have this behind us, at least for a few more years.

Regardless of your choice, it is critical that you get out and vote.

New York is expecting an unprecedented LOW turnout, due to hurricane related issues. While they are trying to set up polling places to accommodate those in devastated areas, those who were affected the worst are less inclined to make the effort right now. While that is understandable, it is even more critical than ever that we all get out and make our opinions count.
If you don’t vote, you might just end up spending the next 4 years with a government you are unhappy with. The election is close, and every vote counts this year. Please exercise your right to be heard, by getting to a polling place and casting your ballot.

Happy Voting! May the best candidate win…

photo:Glasshouse Images

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