Sites We Love: Slimkicker

You all know I can be a bit obsessive when it comes to exercise and nutrition. My concept is to eat as perfectly and healthfully as possible, except when I choose not to.

Ok, I know what you are thinking; don’t we all do that?

The answer is yes, but most people choose to eat poorly more often than not.
Keeping a food and exercise journal is one way to keep yourself honest, and to really understand what you are eating and how much activity you are doing.  There are many on-line journals and apps available to do this.

Slimkicker is both a website and a free smartphone app, that not only helps you log your activity and food intake, but also tracks your intake of sodium, sugar, fiber and fat. Unlike other sites, it helps you set goals and lets you know when it’s time to reward yourself for your hard work.

There is also an on-line community of Slimkickers to offer support, comments or even serve up group challenges.

The company launched in March 2012, and has plans to expand their services in 2013.

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