CSA Tuesday

It’s CSA Tuesday, and I am a little unexcited about today’s selection.

There is a head of lettuce, some potatoes, 2 types of squash and a pumpkin.

There is an herb that looks like mint and smells lemony. I think its lemon balm.

I will try that tonight with some sautéed seafood and see how it goes.

The pumpkin will hopefully yield a small pie, something B has been requesting since last Thanksgiving.

Any ideas for the squash?

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6 Responses to “CSA Tuesday”

  1. Tammy Says:

    I like squash soup/sauce. Saute garlic and onions in evoo. Then add the squash. It cooks in no time and you can either blend it into soup or use it for sauce. It’s very mild so I dress it up with spices but my husband likes bacon.

  2. inherchucks Says:

    I love to roast squash. Especially that butternut squash. Dust it with some salt, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg and toss it with some olive oil and roast it in the oven until tender. Marvelous!

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

  3. kirsten@FarmFreshFeasts Says:

    If you still have the squash, I recently turn my pretty patty pan CSA squash into dessert. It was pretty good and I blogged about it here:
    http://www.farmfreshfeasts.com/2012/09/summer-squash-fall-dessert.html Good luck on the pumpkin pie-I have 4 pie pumpkins sitting on my counter and they will probably all end up un-pied.

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