Nobody’s Perfect

This is either really nasty, or a public service announcement:
Blake Lively, an actress and the face of many high end brands wore a bikini this weekend, and it didn’t look so great.

Sorry, but I went there…

Here is a young woman who seemingly has it all: she’s gorgeous, has loads of money, many acting jobs, high profile fashion and beauty endorsement deals, and of course, Ryan Reynolds.  What she doesn’t have, is a perfect beach body.

Guess what? Neither do most of us. Blake is out there strutting her stuff in front of her hot actor boyfriend and her family, all the while getting it recorded for posterity by the paparazzi.

It’s nearly 100 degrees or more in most cities in the United States this weekend. Go ahead, put on your bathing suit and head to the beach and have a great time, no matter what your body looks like. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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