Middle Aged Barbie

I have posted quite a few things about Barbie on this site. I have writtin about Yoga Barbie, and life-sized Barbie, and even the profound influence that Barbie had on me and my career aspirations.

I had to laugh out loud when my mother sent me this photo today.

Barbie is currently 53 years old and in most circles in America, she probably would look a lot more like this one, than the perfect plastic doll that she is.
I haven’t given in to looking like this, and I’d like to think my BFF Barbie wouldn’t let herself go either.

What do you think of Middle Aged Barbie?

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2 Responses to “Middle Aged Barbie”

  1. narcissista1 Says:

    I agree, I don’t think this would be how Barbie would do middle age. Thanks for keeping the standards high because someone out there clearly thinks this what living the dream looks like post 35.

  2. julie hansen Says:

    Very funny, I’m glad Barbie dosen’t age!

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