Endurance Eating

In a country where obesity has reached epidemic proportions, it’s no surprise that we celebrate our independence by gross over-indulgence.

Yesterday was the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, where the tradition of gorging on hot dogs has been going strong since 1916.

Over 40,000 spectators showed up to watch the contestants stuff their faces with God -knows -what on a bun.

Sonia Thomas inhaled 45 hot dogs in 10 minutes, breaking her 2009 record of 41.

Thomas, who weighs in (before the competition) at a mere 100 pounds is also the queen of crawfish, clams, chicken wings and turkey competitive eating competitions.

Joey Chestnut managed to down 68 hotdogs, matching his previous world record. He spoke like a athlete after the competition, stating:

“I came here hoping I could do 70, but I am happy with 68. It is a world record after all and I will be back next year to see if I can go one better … I pushed my body to the absolute limit. I know I did my best. Now I really need a drink to try and rehydrate.”

Chestnut got $10,000 for consuming 20,000 calories in 10 minutes.

Only in America.


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One Response to “Endurance Eating”

  1. silver account Says:

    Right. It’s about doing your personal best. If you focus on the other eaters, your psyche will get crushed. You have to go in knowing that you’re capable of eating 12 hot dogs. Then, maybe next time you can do 15. Then, maybe next time you can do 18.

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