There is a sense of modesty that has been brewing on the runway for the last few seasons. Gone are the skin-tight dresses of the past, cut just below the panty line with plunging necklines. A certain presence of decorum is more prevalent today, than overt sexiness.

For Fall 2012-2013, many designers used prim collars to fill in the necklines of their tops and dresses. The most interesting were those that were not actually attached to the garments. These separate collars were made from a plethora of materials and took the place of a necklace.

At Cacharel, metal, or delicate crochet were used to fashion the collars, which sat high on the neck.

Donna Karan’s Victorian dandies wore crisp white wing collars, often accompanied by separate French cuffs.

Antonio Marras took his luxe patchwork concept to the next level, with double collars featuring multiple patterns.

Rodarte collars were made of lace.

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  1. Beibei Wu Says:

    Love unique collars! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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