Today Was a Fairy Tale

Today was a fairy tale.

Unfortunately, there was no handsome prince to take me far, far away. There was no pot of gold, or even a guarantee of a happily ever after.

This morning I went to the gym and discovered that there were new pedals on the spinning bikes making it impossible to clip in my cycling shoes. The teacher had to come by and shove my foot into the clip, making me feel like one of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters trying in vain to get that glass slipper on.

After class, I showered and walked to work. The winds was blowing so hard, it felt like the Big Bad Wolf was going to blow, and blow, and blow my house down!

Once I got to work, I started to feel like one of the Three Bears. Someone had clearly been sitting at my desk. I had wiped it down before I left on Friday, and there were telltale traces of coffee rings on it. Hmmm.
I turned on my computer and started to work. My document, a 150-page fashion tome, had been replaced with another “cleaned up” version, without my backup material on the sides. I plodded through the day and looked forward to coming home for dinner.

In my quest to avoid food waste, I planned to use up the remains of last night’s feast for dinner tonight. Given that I am not a meat eater, and usually follow a low carb, gluten free diet, I had my sights set on the array of leftover roasted vegetables and some chicken broth. I looked into the stuffed refrigerator and pulled out the pot of soup. Next I found a big bowl of roasted potatoes and some herbed lamb. I kept pulling things out but someone had eaten my roasted vegetables and they ate them all up! Damn you Goldilocks, wherever you are!!

I am now sitting here sipping some tea and contemplating sleep. I am so tired I feel like I could sleep for 100 years!  Just to play it safe, if anyone tries to offer me an apple, I am just going to say no!

photo: Glasshouse Images 

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