Waste Case Project: Day 2

Last night, I made a real effort to use what I had on hand.

I chopped up the last of the lettuce from a previous dinner, tossed it in an aged balsamic vinaigrette made right in the bowl ( no leftovers there!) only to throw away the remaining portion at the end of the meal. I find this happens a lot when I have guests, and dressed salad is a soggy mess the next day. A good solution would be to serve dressing on the side, or only dress a small part of the salad, and replenish as it gets eaten.

I took some leftover tomato puree that would have normally gone by the wayside, and spiced it up as a dipping sauce for B’s breaded shrimp. Of course there was way more than she could eat, and it ended up down the drain anyways, but I felt proud that I am heading down the right track.

I just threw out the sorry remains of a container of cottage cheese, with just a couple of bites left  in it. I am not going to become one of those people who eats up every morsel and gains 10 pounds, just so things don’t go to waste. In my mind, throwing unwanted food into my stomach is worse than throwing it in the trash.

This is a work in progress, but awareness is half the battle. Let’s see what tonight’s dinner holds in store.

To be continued…

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