Waste Case Project: Day 1

It’s 9:00 a.m. and I have already tossed a few slices of turkey which had been hanging around since early last week, an opened and never resealed bag of granola lurking in the cupboard, and a partially consumed container of fat free ricotta cheese. I re-wrapped and tucked a piece of fresh ginger into the produce drawer of the fridge, hopefully extending it’s life, while not attracting fruit flies. Not an auspicious start to a new week,and a new goal. The refrigerator is almost empty, and I boldly used some full fat milk and low fat vanilla yogurt, when I prefer skim milk and fat free plain Greek yogurt. Will I end up giving up my own standards of eating just to save on waste? I certainly hope not!

Clearly, food shopping is on tonight’s agenda, so hopefully,I will buy what we can use quickly, and in it’s entirety.

Stay tuned….

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