Age Rage



I bristle every time I hear someone say how amazing Madonna looks for a 53 year old.

It’s not that I don’t agree; it’s that I think she looks incredible for someone of any age.  She clearly takes care of herself. She has a strong, athletic body that she works very hard for.

Yes, she has help and can afford trainers, a glam squad and a chef.

She also is a single mom of 3 kids, has an album coming out, just released a movie, and is running a mini fashion empire with her daughter.  Don’t negate the discipline involved in looking the way she looks, and having the stamina to do all that she does. No one can provide you with time or a sense of commitment. That comes from within.

I cringe every time a woman in the gym who is about my age, tells the cycling instructor that she is too old to do the intense intervals he is pushing us through.

I too work hard on my fitness, and place good health as a priority. I do not have a trainer, a personal chef or even a cleaning person for that matter. I often hit the gym at 7 am (or earlier) to fit in my workout. I am proud of the fact that I can run, lift weights, do those miserable intervals in cycling class and still get through my day. From a vanity perspective, I fight to look a certain way. I am not going to use age as an excuse to get fat, flabby or unhealthy.

I may not look like Madonna, but I look like the best version of myself that I can be.

I love knowing that my current self could kick my 25 year old self’s ass, and probably look better in a bathing suit doing it!


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