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No Ordinary Cup

December 21, 2011

Paper cups have become a guilty necessity in our busy lives.  While all of them can’t be up-cycled in to works of art, they certainly can be improved upon.

Designer Peter Herman agrees, and has come up with an alternative design that is both functional and more ecologically friendly.

Architect by day, and cup innovator by night, Herman has created a folding cup he calls “Compleat”.

The body of the cup has 2 integrated flaps composed of one piece of paper, which would be coated with a cellulose based compostable plastic to make it waterproof. The top folds to create a spout for sipping, as well as a cover for the beverage.

Herman partnered with Daren Bascome to make use of all 3 surfaces for branding messages.

The cup is also cost efficient, since it’s one-piece construction allows it to be sourced through a single supplier.

The designer believes that the “iconic shape will also show the retailer’s commitment to environmental stewardship”.

The cup is still in development with its release date unclear.

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