Poop Power

Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto, has introduced the first bike to be completely powered by human waste.

The latest model, called the Toilet Bike Neo,  runs on biogas harvested from human feces.  The traditional seat has been replaced by the toilet, allowing the driver to fuel as he goes, so to speak.

It also sports some other bells and whistles common on Toto’s other models, including an ability to play music and talk. It also uses light to write messages as it goes by . (One can only imagine what they might say!)

As part of the Toto Green Challenge, which aims to cut CO2 emissions in bathrooms in half by 2017, the poop-powered bike will take a 600 mile tour of Japan. The tour is starting at the company’s headquarters in Kitakyushu on October 6, with stops in Nakatsu, Kobe and Kyoto before ending in Tokyo.


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2 Responses to “Poop Power”

  1. julie hansen Says:

    Yuck!!!!! Talk about your smelly emissions! – This manufactuer should be on dirty jobs.

  2. Susan Jones Says:

    Well if we run out of oil, there is always plenty of poop!!

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