The New Green Machines

I have often wondered why health clubs don’t harness the energy produced on its cardio equipment to power the gym.

Enter Green Revolution, a company that has created the technology to convert this energy to clean electricity, without increasing our greenhouse gas levels.

According to the company, the amount of energy produced during an average group cycling class, depending on the intensity and speed of the cyclers, can produce about 3 kilowatts of energy. With only 20 bikes and 4 classes a day, they can produce enough energy to light a home for 6 months!

The energy created is connected to the electrical grid with a grid-tied inverter, which places the energy back on the grid to be used in lieu of fossil fuels.

Currently, the Green Revolution technology is only available for stationary bikes. However, it has been successfully tested on other cardio equipment, and will be made available soon for elliptical, recumbent bikes and stair stepping machines.

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photo: glasshouse images

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