Summer Streets

Yet another reason to love New York….Summer Streets!

For 3 consecutive Saturdays in August, Park Avenue is closed to traffic from 7a.m. to 1 p.m. from the Brooklyn Bridge all the way up to the 72nd Street entrance to Central Park. There are breathtaking moments, such as cruising up the ramp above Grand Central Station and through the Met Life Building.; spinning around the spectacular Central Park loop that leads up to Harlem, and riding (huffing and puffing most likely) over the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you are a cycler, a blader, a runner or just a casual stroller, this is an incredible way to enjoy New York City!

For those who can’t take the heat, the mayor has converted large dumpsters into public pools along the way.

Next Saturday, August 21st is the last Summer Streets event for the year, so get up, get out and enjoy our beautiful city traffic free.

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