When Bad Things Happen To Great Designers

Marc Jacobs is probably, indisputably the greatest fashion genius in our midst today. He is not only responsible for his eponymous Marc Jacobs collection, but also for the Marc by Marc Jacobs lines for men and women, and the ever exquisite Louis Vuitton collections for men and women. Not to mention the covetable shoes and handbags sold under all 3 labels. With that much to do, he deserves a tiny little slip once in awhile.

So this addition’s lapse in sartorial taste features a look from Mr. Jacobs Fall 2010 collection under his own name. What suburban housewife hasn’t seen this one on the embarrassed Mom who got caught doing morning school drop off with her coat tossed over her nightgown, hovering in the car, hoping to go unnoticed?  I mean, this can’t be a good look on anyone, can it?

BTW, we in New York CIty are not immune to bad “taking the kids to school ” looks. Since we don’t have cars, they tend to be gym clothes, no makeup and a less than fresh ponytail.

photo: style.com

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