Ethical Dining

New Yorkers are getting used to seeing calories posted at chain restaurants, but this Australian based franchise publishes the carbon footprint of every menu item as well.

Otarian, an eco minded vegetarian restaurant with locations in New York and London has a simple mission: to provide delicious, meat-free food while eliminating the negative affects that food production has on our environment.

One of the main contributors to global environmental degradation is the livestock industry. The effects of large scale meat production impacts sustainability as well as economics. Greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water pollution are just a few of these factors.  Statistics show that if every American gave up eating meat that the population of Africa could be fed with the grain saved.

Almost everything in the restaurant is made from recycled materials. The chairs are made using an ancient South African technique that weaves recycled into recycled plastic onto aluminum frames. The tabletops are made from recycled buttons from clothing. Everything is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

All of the food comes from the best local farms, where the quality and ethics are high. There is never a compromise in food quality to meet their environmental standards.

With each diner making a small but meaningful difference to the planet, Otarian is saving the world one meal at a time.

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2 Responses to “Ethical Dining”

  1. james5555 Says:

    That looks like a fun place. There is a vegetarian restaurant in Chicago (ironically called the Chicago Diner) which has a fun, 50’s atmosphere. You have a really unique site, keep up the great work!

  2. Bruce Purmell Says:

    Eat out to enjoy your self and screw the planet worship, ok ? It is just dinner.

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