Double Down Melt Down

KFC introduced it’s new Double Down sandwich this week, featuring a bacon and cheese filling placed between 2 pieces of fried chicken instead of a bun.

(Excuse me a second while I make an editorial comment: “EWWWW gross!!!)

This sandwich packs 1228 calories, 81 grams of fat and 317 mgs of cholesterol!

What does that equate to?

Well, we did a little internet research and here are a few ways you can burn off those calories through your regular day to day activity:

packing and unpacking suitcases for 561 minutes (yes, that is more than 9 hours!!)

stocking shelves at a supermarket for 374 minutes

doing power yoga for 212 minutes

farming and grooming the animals for 187 minutes

tread climbing at the gym for 128 minutes

food shopping for 353 minutes

playing the horn for 561 minutes

The average 145 pound woman ( who is considerably larger than I am) only needs about 1200 calories PER DAY to merely exist. At my size, I would need to take a spinning class for over 240 minutes (more than 4 hours)  to atone for that sinful indulgence.

Is it worth it?

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3 Responses to “Double Down Melt Down”

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