Y-3 ‘s Prisoner of Love

Sunday marked not only Valentine’s Day, but also day 4 of New York Fashion Week. We are attending a few shows in person, and enjoying the rest (hundreds of them!) via computer screen in the comfort of the office.

Last night, we attended the Y-3 show, a collaboration between renowned Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, and active wear giant, Addidas.

Yohji never fails to produce a spectacle, and last night was no different. The standing room only show began with a laser light show, and a parade of models sporting layers of modern, yet casual pieces. The theme was a bit dour, with prison stripes and tee shirt graphics counting days of incarceration, with text such as “33 Years with You” and “23 Years in Prison- 20 = Y-3”, all to a remix of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.”

Although the “prisoner of love” concept was a bit downbeat, the items were pure fun, with great capes, easy dresses, and the “it” pant of the year, the low crotch trouser, done for both sexes in comfy knit. In true Yohji Yamamoto style, the clothes displayed an asymmetry, unique sense of proportion, and in some cases, beautiful origami-esque draping, all with an active twist.

The finale featured a group of models wearing colorful coats, who dropped them at the end of the runway, revealing; yup, you guessed it: prison stripes! After, Yohji walked the runway, and knocked out a male model in a faux kickboxing match, and was subsequently taken down by a female model.

Yamamoto’s business has been battered around a bit in the recent economy, and last night, Yamamoto did what he has been essentially been doing all year; after getting knocked down, he picked himself up, and waved to the crowd as he triumphantly walked off stage.

All in all, interesting clothes, great theatre, and a lesson in resiliency. It’s all in a day’s work!

photos courtesy of style.com


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