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Fashion bloggers have become the tastemakers and trendsetters of the world. But what happens when the blogger is only 13 years old? Meet Tavi Gevinson, the girl behind the site Style Rookie.

Tavi writes on designers and style, and features her own eclectic looks on the site each day. She recently caught the eye of Rodarte’s Mulleavy sisters, and Marc Jacobs, who invited Tavi to grace the front row of their Spring 2010 fashion shows.

Having reputedly amassed 4 million readers, and guest editing gigs with high profile magazines, Tavi is one of the hottest bloggers on the fashion scene. Her great style is indisputable, but this kid is clearly no rookie!

Check out her site at:

photo of Tavi Gevinson taken from Style Rookie

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One Response to “Sites We Love”

  1. Lindsay Hemerly Says:

    Cool but I come across this blog looking for totally other things. This means that this page has visibility for a word that actually doesn’t seem to be appropriate to the subject you are writing about here

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