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All the News That’s Fit to Print

December 10, 2009

Today, the New York Times Thursday Styles section was full of articles that were very informative.

First, there was a story about the infamous party crashers who showed up uninvited to a recent state dinner. According to the article: (Washington D.C.) is “a city about rules, about conventions and if there’s no keg at the party, it doesn’t get crashed.”  Good to know.

Next, a bit about Alexander Wang, the 25 year old fashion prodigy that has taken fashionistas and ”even some regular people who are not size 2” by a storm. Surprised? We are too!
There is a piece on New York City’s first Costco, now open in East Harlem. The question on everyone’s lips is “ How do you lug a car full of household items home from East 117th Street to lower Manhattan without a car? Doesn’t the $30 taxi ride (if you can find one) kind of off set the savings?

Then there is an article entitled “Hey Tannenbaum, Nice Outfit!” about Christmas displays in upscale stores. I have just one question that has haunted me for years:
Who is this Tannenbaum guy, and how did a Jew get to be a Christmas icon?

Oh, yeah, and don’t forget the study on why exerciser’s heart rates run about 15 beats lower in the morning than in the afternoon? Put the scientific info aside here: by 6 pm, most of us New Yorkers are so stressed out that our heart rates are elevated just from our daily commute!

And finally, a little ditty about how to stand out at the Art Basel show in Miami Beach: How about a REAL python for a necklace? Interesting.

Today the Times out did itself, following through on their motto, ” all the news that’s fit to print”!

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Reader’s Choice

December 10, 2009

I started this blog to talk about my passions; food, fashion, fitness and family. Mostly, it deals with the trivial… a recipe here, a hot trend there, a little something about nutrition from time to time. But last week, my passions turned to a subject that was a bit less frivolous, and the response was overwhelming. My story about my very personal reaction to the President’s speech at WestPoint entitled “Reality Bites” drew almost 9 times more readers in an afternoon alone, than an average post normally does. The subsequent entry, “A View from the Inside” also had a significant build in readership.

Thank you for sharing this small slice of my life with me. Please use the comments area to share your point of view back, should this or any other story move you to do so.

Thanks for visiting. Spread the word!

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