I didn’t forget about you!

I suppose some of you are wondering where we have been lately. Well, the fact of the matter is that we have been right here where we always are, just a little overwhelmed by a flurry of work related activity (yippee!!) family related stuff, some good ( out of town visitors) and some not so much…we lost my mother- in- law yesterday after a long and productive life and a mercifully short period of suffering. We will be going to North Carolina at some point  this week to honor her in a series of memorial services.

The Eat, Sweat, Blog challenge that started out sooooo easy, is coming to an end, and I still have 6 workouts and 2 food feats to accomplish in the next 7 days.  If anyone else is participating, please let us know how you are doing with it. Can I count a day where I stay in the gym and kill it: spin for 45 minutes, do an hour of pilates and walk 5-7 miles more than one workout? Yeah, I didn’t think so…..

I have a few posts to work on and plan to get at least one out today and follow it up with posts throughout the week. Please check back and see what’s up as the days progress. We missed you too!!

❤ indigo jones

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