Feeling Great


For the past few months, I have been eating in a very pure way. I didn’t think that I felt any different, but eating right is a big part of my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Yet on the occasions that I indulged, I found myself feeling bad. After a dinner of pizza and one glass of red wine, I was dozing at 8:30 pm, only to feel heavy and “hung over” the next day.

Funny, how we don’t always note when we feel great, but are always aware of when we feel bad.

I absolutely condone occasional indulgences. Without partaking in the things we love, we are depriving ourselves of life’s simple pleasures. But in eating only those foods, which are easy and indulgent, we are also depriving ourselves of the opportunity to feel great, and look great in the process.

Try to focus your awareness on how you feel. Do you sometimes feel sluggish, and experience headaches and digestive issues that you take for granted? Do you ever revel in the absence of these annoying symptoms and realize how good you feel? Try to make subtle changes in your diet and exercise routine and see what happens. Once you are tuned into your body and it’s responses to food and fitness, you might actually find that your ability to FEEL GREAT!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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