Pure Food Diet Challenge

Picture 1
What if you challenged yourself to eat only pure foods prepared in the simplest possible way?
In a world where everything has been processed, blended and mutated to create something else, it is refreshing to eat in the way nature intended. The idea is to eat only what can be eaten in it’s purist and most singular form; fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, meat, eggs, and nuts.
Milk, but not cheese or yoghurt. Simple grains, but no pasta, bread or baked goods. It’s all right to cook your food, just keep in its most singular form.
It’s not to say that there aren’t many healthful foods that require some modification to create them. But, in going back to eating food in its purist possible form, you are able to taste the rich flavors of green market tomatoes, ripe sweet fruit, and fresh aromatic herbs.
Try it … just this week, and see how wonderful you feel. See how your body reacts to whole, fresh foods. You might find the results surprising!
Take the challenge, and let us know what you think.

photo: Spencer Jones/ Glasshouse Images


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