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Mid-Year Resolution

September 5, 2013

4731900183Most people think of January as a time to reset, re-evaluate and resolve to make lifestyle changes. Others think of the spring as a time of renewal.

I relate September to new beginnings. It is a period when the lazy days of summer are behind us, and things start to get serious again.

Today marks the start of the international Fashion Weeks, the first day of school and the celebration of the Jewish New Year. Crisper weather is around the corner, and our activities and wardrobe will soon change accordingly.
Why not take a moment today to assess your life and recommit to your health, your happiness or to your chasing your dreams?

After all, what are you waiting for?

photo: Glasshouse Images

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

February 17, 2012

Sometimes, we all have to wear lots of different hats in our lives; mother, professional, chief cook and bottle washer…the list is endless.

Personally, I prefer to think of juggling life in terms of shoes rather than hats.  The past week has been filled with all kinds of interesting activities and below you will see the diversity of my days first hand.

Here is my story, told in footwear:

Saturday night: Fashion show in the tents at Lincoln Center, complete with a backstage interview for a website I contribute to.

Sky-high leopard booties worn with the requisite black clothing:

Sunday: Cycle for Survival, an indoor cycling relay event that raised $8 million for rare cancer research:

Cycling shoes that clip to the bike peddles:


Monday morning: Early a.m. 4 mile run on the treadmill before work.

Asics running shoes:


Typical workday: Editing runway film in the office.

Super high-heeled peep-toe booties with black tights

Catering gig: Baking up a storm in stocking feet, no shoes at all!

Wednesday: Rainy day in New York running to fashion week appointments:

Rubber Wellies with leg warmers and a sequined skirt:

I walk absolutely everywhere! Sometimes, the heels have to go into a bag for the commute.

These Converse Chuck’s are made for walking:


If you are wondering why my next few posts are so eclectic in nature, you might want to walk a mile in my equally eclectic selection of shoes. Coming soon: lots more food, fashion, fitness and family posts for your enjoyment. Have a great weekend!

photos: Spencer Jones / Glasshouse Images

Shirting The Issue

September 26, 2010

We haven’t even packed up our summer clothes yet, and Spring 2011 fashions have been parading down the runway for the past few weeks.  Being in this business, we always have to think ahead of the curve. Many companies work as much as a year in advance, sourcing fabrics, designing styles and refining their collections.  Sometimes we are tired of it, before we even get a chance to wear it!
This season, one of the biggest trends is the also the easiest to incorporate into your wardrobe NOW!  Hint: it’s something you probably already own, and it is both timely and timeless…the white shirt!
Shown by designers in a myriad of looks, it is one of the must haves of the season.

Tuck it into a skirt, pants or shorts and belt the waist. Roll up your sleeves and unbutton a few buttons. Make sure it’s perfectly pressed, and fitted to a T.

photo: Tommy Hilfiger via

Shop Your Closet

March 16, 2010

The international Fall fashion weeks have just wrapped up and they are filled with great wardrobe update ideas that you can implement now.
As the recession has forced many of us to shop our closets, it seems that old clothes sometimes resemble, well, old clothes. But this fashion week showed us lots of great ideas to rework the items we have into the ones we will covet next year.

Case in point:

Dolce & Gabbana showed great cardigans, wrapped to the side and secured with a brooch or kilt pin. Almost any old cardigan will do, as long as it is not too long. Simply wrap it instead of buttoning it, and use a decorative pin to hold it in place.

We mentioned in a previous post that socks with sandals were a big trend for Spring.

The Fall collections were filled with almost every major (and not so major) designer showing socks with pumps, or maryjanes. We have taken out some old shoes and recycled them into fabulosity with just the addition of a simple black trouser sock.

Ferragamo showed a beautiful 1970’s inspired collection featuring shorts and cable sweaters, with a big shawl thrown over it all. We took some of our out of date wool pants, cut and hemmed them and turned them into the shorts of our dreams. Worn with tights, boots and a chunky sweater with a jacket or wool wrap on top, we are rocking a new look on an old budget.

Ah, Marc! We admit that the proportions of the Marc Jacobs collection initially struck us as a tad matronly. But after several looks, reviews and a grueling week of reporting on fashion week trends, we started to see it’s beauty. Taking an old Mui Mui skirt that hits below the knee, a belted turtleneck and a knee length coat, we recreated the look with a proportion that emulated his and suited our just under 5’5’ body to a tee. We wore it with the requisite heels and socks, and felt like a million bucks!

There are so many great trends emerging that can be achieved with more ingenuity than investment. Find a look you love and see how creative you can be in pulling together an outfit that is fresh and fashionable without buying anything new.


Y-3 ‘s Prisoner of Love

February 15, 2010

Sunday marked not only Valentine’s Day, but also day 4 of New York Fashion Week. We are attending a few shows in person, and enjoying the rest (hundreds of them!) via computer screen in the comfort of the office.

Last night, we attended the Y-3 show, a collaboration between renowned Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, and active wear giant, Addidas.

Yohji never fails to produce a spectacle, and last night was no different. The standing room only show began with a laser light show, and a parade of models sporting layers of modern, yet casual pieces. The theme was a bit dour, with prison stripes and tee shirt graphics counting days of incarceration, with text such as “33 Years with You” and “23 Years in Prison- 20 = Y-3”, all to a remix of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.”

Although the “prisoner of love” concept was a bit downbeat, the items were pure fun, with great capes, easy dresses, and the “it” pant of the year, the low crotch trouser, done for both sexes in comfy knit. In true Yohji Yamamoto style, the clothes displayed an asymmetry, unique sense of proportion, and in some cases, beautiful origami-esque draping, all with an active twist.

The finale featured a group of models wearing colorful coats, who dropped them at the end of the runway, revealing; yup, you guessed it: prison stripes! After, Yohji walked the runway, and knocked out a male model in a faux kickboxing match, and was subsequently taken down by a female model.

Yamamoto’s business has been battered around a bit in the recent economy, and last night, Yamamoto did what he has been essentially been doing all year; after getting knocked down, he picked himself up, and waved to the crowd as he triumphantly walked off stage.

All in all, interesting clothes, great theatre, and a lesson in resiliency. It’s all in a day’s work!

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