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Twinkie Time

November 8, 2013


We haven’t written about gross fast food items for quite some time now, but this atrocity piqued our interest.

PYT Restaurant in Philadelphia has introduced a burger that takes the cake. Twinkies, that is, and two of them to be exact.

Known for it’s innovative burgers, the restaurant serves up this one made of pork belly and beef, smothered in American cheese, covered with bacon, and wait for it…served between two deep-fried Twinkies, in lieu of a bun. It is joined on the menu by its predecessors, the spaghetti burger, and the deep fried lasagna bun burger.

With the fried Twinkies alone weighing in at 722 calories, this concoction is estimated to contain 1100 calories per sandwich. But hey, don’t sweat it; dessert is already included.

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Shakin’ the Bacon

April 16, 2012

Not to be outdone by Denny’s vile bacon milkshake, Burger King recently announced the debut of their new bacon sundae.
Only available in the Nashville location, the bacon sundae appears to be made of soft serve ice cream, and chocolate sauce and is sprinkled with bacon bits. Unlike it’s alleged inspiration, which featured artificial bacon flavored syrup; this is served with an actual strip of real bacon as a garnish.

No word yet on what it tastes like, or the nutritional info. If anyone out there is in Nashville and wants to give it a try, let us know what you think!

Better With Bacon

March 27, 2011

You know the saying,  “Everything’s better with bacon?” Denny’s is celebrating this concept with “Baconalia”, a “Baconian Feast” featuring 7 new ways to enjoy the meat. The most inventive, (read: disgusting) offering is the Maple Bacon Sundae. Yep, it’s exactly what you thought it was: vanilla ice cream, topped with maple syrup and a generous sprinkling of bacon bits! Just to show you that we aren’t the food snobs you think we are, (okay, so maybe we are) we are giving you the link to a coupon offering you a 2 for 1 deal on this culinary delight! Hurry, this offer is only available until April 9. Pepto Bismal not included.

Double Down Melt Down

April 21, 2010

KFC introduced it’s new Double Down sandwich this week, featuring a bacon and cheese filling placed between 2 pieces of fried chicken instead of a bun.

(Excuse me a second while I make an editorial comment: “EWWWW gross!!!)

This sandwich packs 1228 calories, 81 grams of fat and 317 mgs of cholesterol!

What does that equate to?

Well, we did a little internet research and here are a few ways you can burn off those calories through your regular day to day activity:

packing and unpacking suitcases for 561 minutes (yes, that is more than 9 hours!!)

stocking shelves at a supermarket for 374 minutes

doing power yoga for 212 minutes

farming and grooming the animals for 187 minutes

tread climbing at the gym for 128 minutes

food shopping for 353 minutes

playing the horn for 561 minutes

The average 145 pound woman ( who is considerably larger than I am) only needs about 1200 calories PER DAY to merely exist. At my size, I would need to take a spinning class for over 240 minutes (more than 4 hours)  to atone for that sinful indulgence.

Is it worth it?


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