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Is the Double Down Really Double The Calories?

May 2, 2010

Previously, I stated that KFC’s new Double Down sandwich contained 1229 calories and 81 grams of fat. According to KFC, the sandwich contains only 540 calories, 32 gms.of fat and 1380 mg. of sodium, perilously close to the 1500 mgs. maximum per day recommended by the American Heart Association.

Although I appear to have been misinformed, has done the math, and is currently in dispute with KFC over the actual amount of calories in the sandwich.

Their calculations done via Calorie Counter:

2 fried chicken breasts: 360 calories each/ 720 in total with 42 gms of fat

Monterey and pepper jack cheese: 2 slices at 100 calories each/ 200 calories and 18 gms of fat

2 squirts of “Special Sauce” which KFC lists as 100 calories per squirt: 200 calories and 20 gms of fat

2 strips of bacon: 70 calories and 6 gm of fat

TOTAL: 1190 calories and 86 grams of fat!

Which do you think is more frightening: that Americans are choosing to eat something so incredibly unhealthy, or that KFC is potentially mis- stating the actual calorie and fat contents in their food?

photo:Glasshouse Images


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